Making Tasteful Treasures a part of your intimate life is both rewarding and exciting. By browsing our online catalog, you can view and purchase any of our quality vibrators, adult gifts, and sexual health and spa products online. But the real fun is in hosting a Tasteful Treasures party!

Gather a group of your friends, relatives, and colleagues for a relaxing, informal gathering. There, a Tasteful Treasures Consultant will present a wide range of our sexual health and spa product gifts. You and your guests are free to touch and handle the products and ask any questions you may have about them.

There’s no need to be shy, and there is no such thing as a silly question! Our Consultants are well versed in every aspect of our products and are ready to share their expertise.

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If getting together with a group of women in a relaxed and fun atmosphere to share stories and information about sensuality sounds like a fun way to spend your time, consider becoming a Tasteful Treasures consultant. As an independent business owner, you can be your own boss and set your own hours, working when you choose and how often. In addition to the profits from your business, you can earn trips and incentives from your work.

Becoming a Tasteful Treasures Consultant means becoming part of a community of like-minded women and men who care about helping others take charge of their sexuality, and who support one another’s business efforts.

To get you started, our training program offers all the information you’ll need to become an expert with our products. We offer online webinars, trainings, and Leaders to give you valuable advice and guidance.

If an independent career opportunity that’s professional, discreet, fun, and a little bit daring sounds appealing to you, sign up with us to become a Sexual Health and Wellness consultant!

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Host a Party

Hosting parties with Tasteful Treasures is a fun, rewarding experience. It’s an opportunity to get together with other women and men in your life to tell stories, laugh, and discuss the challenges you may be facing in your romantic lives.

Our Tasteful Treasures Consultant is more than simply a consultant. Our consultants can provide real options for spicing things up with a spouse or partner. Guests can confidentially place their orders with the consultant at your party, allowing them to choose their preferred vibrators or gifts while the answers to their questions are still fresh in their minds.

If they’d rather, guests can order any of our products online from their home.

Hosting parties in your home also has more tangible benefits. The consultant will award you gifts and products based on the sales at your party.

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Here at Tasteful Treasures, there’s a whole world of exciting adult gifts and toys to explore. Browse our catalog and see our extensive collection of oils, creams, lubes, vibrators and gifts! We have a wide variety of products to bring out the passion in your romantic life, from massage oils, lubes, to more stimulating vibrators.

You’re just one click away from experiencing the exciting variety that Tasteful Treasures has to offer!

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“I wouldn’t even call it a job, I pinch myself every day; I’m making good money and having so much fun. I can hardly wait to do shows and/or events!”

-Shannon M., Dover, Consultant